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Term used in the song "Chattahoochee" by Alan Jackson. Although most assume it is a made up phrase to rhyme with Chattahoochee, it is actually a term originally used to describe a sexually provocative belly dance performed by gypsies.
♫ Way down yonder on the Chattahoochee
It gets hotter than a hoochie coochie... ♫
by SleepFaster January 06, 2012

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Big City: 300,000+ people within city limits
City: 100,000-300,000 citizens within limits
Small City: 20,000-100,000 citizens within limits
Big Town: 7,000-20,000 citizens within limits
Town: 800-7,000 citizens within limits
Small Town: 200-800 citizens within limits
Village: 50-200 citizens within limits
Hamlet: Community with less than 50 members.

A small town generally is community possessing a post office and not much else.. Maybe a gas station or two. If you live within 10 minutes of a Wal-Mart, chances are you don't live in a small town. Also it should not be said that there is nothing to do if there is a Wal-Mart around, because there is a high probability that there is a theater or fast food restaurant around too.
"Man, city people get bored too easily, if they have one uneventful night, they automatically say 'I hate living in this small town' when actually they should be saying 'This isn't so bad, imagine living in a real small town.'"
by SleepFaster February 17, 2012

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An hour of sleep. Instead of saying "I got five hour's of sleep last night", you say "I got five z's last night."
Friend 1: Man, you look like shit, what's your deal?

Friend 2: Shut up, dude I only got five Z's last night.
by SleepFaster May 01, 2011

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1) Any device/pill that increases the size of the penis.

2) An object such as a dildo, remote control, plastic bottle, or anything else possibly used in place of the actual penis, to simulate sex(usually by a male that "will not touch that stanky ass pussy", or a lonely female).

3) A glorious gift that few possess that enables a male to get an instant erection on demand, regardless of the time or place.
1) Phil: "Hey man can I borrow some extendo-dick pills like Cialis, Viagra, Levitra, Extenze or somethin like that?"

Jeff: "Sure. Why, you got a date?"

Phil: "Nope, just wanna try it out."

2)Jeff: "I couldn't bring myself to fuck her without a condom, so I just bent her over and used the DirecTv remote, and went through the motions... And by some miracle I tivoed I Am Legend with Will Smith."

Phil: "What, Jeff? I wasn't paying attention. Your remote's buttons are stuck."*smacks on couch* "Maybe i can bite it..."

3) All that cock push-up training really came through when i got laid in an elevator by pushing the button of the girl's floor who came in after me... with my dick. Thank you extendo-dick.
by SleepFaster January 11, 2012

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1)Noun referring to the set of antlers on a deer.

2)Framework typically with rails, bars, hooks, or pegs, for holding or storing things.
1)Damn look at the rack on that buck.

2) Phil: Whattaya want me to do with my athletic cup?

Dan: Just hang it on the rack before I rack you.
by SleepFaster January 28, 2012

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