A small town outside of San Antonio fill with wanna-be Mexican gangsters. These kids fill up the majority population of Seguin. There also are the rednecks, who wear boots every day and can't stop talking about their

"bucksticks". People in this town tend to believe they are the best fucking people on the planet. There are few black people in the town and even less asians. But I do guarantee you will not turn a street corner without seeing a group of cholas wearing black shirts with something about "haters" printed in neon coloring.
Bob: Hey, I've been thinking about moving to Seguin, Texas. Any thoughts?

Lupe: 0h y3a, m3 && mii chickas fckkin l0ve it th3r3. its pretty hxc there so yyou b3tter n0t talkk shit over there!

Bob: Oh shit, there are more people like you there? Nevermind.
by Seguinsuckss March 27, 2011
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a small town in Texas, east of San Antonio. Often those who live in said town do not have access to the world wide web (a.k.a. the internet), and therefore should not be expected to reply quickly to any emails or online messages.
"I'm from the town of Seguin."

"Is that why you never answer my emails?"
by stuckinseguin April 11, 2009
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A small town in central Texas with an economy based on crappy service jobs and bogus fines. It's only redeeming feature is its proximity to Austin and San Antonio. Doug Sahm, the best musician ever (Sir Douglas Quintet, Texas Tornados) wrote an Epic Awesome Sauce song about Seguin in the 60's but the local yahoos ignored it because it has weed in it, so now Seguin's only claim to fame is the big cement nut downtown. They call it "The World's Largest Pecan" and a number of residents believe it's real.
Hey, have you heard the new (insert band name here) album?" "Naw, man, I live in Seguin, I have to wait for it to come in the mail.
by Anna Mae Bollocks July 17, 2011
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a kick-ass small town located in the best place in the world (TEXAS)

1. mainly made up of preps and mexicans, although we also have asians and black people.

2. the county fair is a school holiday and even the preps wear boots.

3.the weather's weird but we love it...

ya'll couldn't survive in seguin...

1. y que paso, wedda?

2. like, omg, how did you do with your steer?

3. only in texas, can i tan on the deck in february, yet wear a huge coat on easter.... :D
by countryXprep February 18, 2008
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An absolute sex god. Clearly the most attractive member of the Bruins. #2 Round Draft Pick
Madison: Did you see Tyler Seguin with the Stanley Cup last night?
Christine: Of course I did! He's the only reason I watch hockey. I'm going to marry him someday.
by jkl0lnaht June 17, 2011
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