The ultimate insult!!! "It" refers to a generic term and need not be an inapprop reference. The purpose of this phrase is to stun a freech so completely helpless that all they can do in response is proceed to run home crying. I mean, come on, how else are you supposed to respond to such an incredible insult?
Dude, I'm sick and tired of you. Just go slurp it!
by jay joshi July 11, 2008
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Language created by two 14 year olds while playing fortnite

Containing the words *click*x9 for Pp black and *click* x2 for Brady *bang*x2 means lives and many more
by Minecraft black kid 69 April 8, 2019
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slurp; the act of performing oral sex.
The girl slurped pj for 2 hours.
by ross February 24, 2004
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To be used when describing something very appealing -- i.e. food or an attractive man
Dang... that guy looks good. Slurp.
Yo, this pizza is slurp-y.
Y'all, have some of this cheesecake. Slurp.
by tranquila chica February 15, 2017
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A noise used when someone is bum-licking someone.
Person 1: I love you Mr. Stewart!
Person 2: *slurp slurp*
Person 1: Shut up!
by slurrrrp October 8, 2010
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1~that chickenhead was just slurpin him
2~damn u slurp john
by katiecutie153 June 27, 2005
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A noisy soind associated with the mouth ie.a noisy lick... Lick may have a sexual link to it.
I could almost here the slurp coming from between my thighs...
by Aido December 20, 2004
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