When you have like 100 guys run train on a girl and the last dude has to eat her out.
"Man, I was the last dude on a slurpy swamp the other night."

"Right on dude."
by Slurpman June 8, 2020
When someone is eating a girl out and then vomits into her vagina then continues to eat her out
Bobo: dude carter gave some girl a Kentucky slurpy!!!
Walter: holy crap thats fuckin nasty!!!
eating a chick out or giving a guy head that has herpes...pretty self explanitory
omg adam i cant belive you gave vicki a herpe slurpy
by lynard August 28, 2005
1) A person who has ethnic origins from the sub-continent of India (including Pakistan). The term comes from the perception that many convenience stores selling slurpie treats are owned or operated by people originally from India or Pakistan.

2) A term sometimes (humorously) used to differentiate India-origin "Indians" from Native Americans who are also referred to as "Indians".

3) Considered humorous, and/or mildly offensive.
Comment: "My friend Aron is an Indian.
Reply: "OH? Is he a Slurpie Indian or a Casino Indian?"
by yogiyin November 7, 2007
Awesome youtuber. Famous for doing trolls
Jeff: i wish i could hack like derpy slurpy.
Derpy slurpy: go kill ur self little host booting piece of shit.
When getting head tell her you won’t nut in her mouth then nut in her mouth
I gave lyzee a surprise slurpie the other night and she won’t talk to me now
by Cuzzo Zach March 20, 2021