The act of, when one allows the reality of the economy sucking to begin them on a downward spiral of pithy neglect and manic introversion, jumping from a tall structure--but not the Statue of Liberty--to their inevitable death. For what Billy Zane did at the end of "Titanic" when the stock market crashed, see: Slump shot.
As my mama used to say, "When the goin' gets tough, the weak get jumpin'".

Me: Jesus, boy, what happened to TIMOTHY. I HAVEN'T HEARD FROM HIM IN DAYYYSSSS

Jesus: Oh, he slump jump. He is in Hevan now wtigh meee.
by Regis Bungalow September 29, 2009
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It's how you feel after you have done something you know you shouldn't have done as it is against the laws of God and it feels you feeling empty, unmotivated, disoriented etc.

Goodnews is you can always rise back up.
Darcy: hey what's wrong with sarah?
John: I think she's having a sin slump
by Cookie xx August 22, 2020
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When someone has an average to below average sized penis that has a slight and ever so gentle curve to left.
Man that guy taking a whiz next to me in the urinals must have been in a mini-slump due to the slight and ever so gentle curve to the left.
by king_kongman12 March 19, 2017
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A period, ranging from one day, to an indefinite amount of time, where one cannot masturbate or engage in sexual activity, due to pure lack of interest.
"Guy 1: "Invite Dan to the party tonight. Theres gonna be mad girls there."
Guy 2: "He won't come man, he's in the slump right now."
by Deathmetaller September 26, 2008
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