"D*** he is slump already"
"I'm tryna be slump"
"I'm tired I'm bout to be slump"
by john doe....r July 23, 2016
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A period of time during which a person goes without an object or action.
Billy has had no hits in the past month, he must be in a slump.
by ==David== October 3, 2005
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To hit someone extremely hard.
"Man, did you see that fight at the club yesterday? Dude slumped the hell outta that man!"
by The Keeper November 9, 2003
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Slump means someone who is lazy or tried or even sometimes strange.
John: "Becomes a couch"
Adam: "You are a Slump"
by Pokemon use666 May 2, 2018
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A sex position where the penis is inserted through the nostril.
Hey Becky why don't you come over to my place so I can give you some Slump.
by My Apple ringo April 5, 2017
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a slump is some one who is bigger than normal and ugly
Shut up you Slump!!!
by Panda1993 August 18, 2012
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