Someone who is drunk, high, or just not sober.
Harris was so sleezed last night that he vomited in the uber
by Joey Hotdogs January 14, 2018
A person with low moral standards, often very promiscuous.
Callum Crawford is giant a sleeze.
by Mmills December 2, 2009
the act of being a slut and having no moral values
1) hillary stopped sleezing when she found out she had herpes.

2) 16 year old shaquanda regreted sleezing when she was told she's pregnant and the baby daddy dipped out
by Rich Girl 69 November 16, 2011
When in a club or pub and get drunk enough to approach a girl and start giving them the chat.
"Are you sleezing tonight?"

"You are such a Sleeze"
by AndrewRedman May 31, 2009
I know a sleeze when I see one. She was lookin for the D.
by hollatcha May 28, 2006
One who acts in a promiscuous manner, possibly enjoyed by some.
Monica Mills is a sleeze. End of story.
by WittyUsername13 December 2, 2009
a shout in the distance exclaims "Dicks out for harambe".

nek minnut, Oh my god.. is that Jason with his dick out. That guy is such a sleeze
by KingPinBigBaller November 28, 2016