Standards of behavior and association based upon one's moral values.
Do your moral standards allow you to associate with people who have lower moral values?
by Downstrike May 25, 2004
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Someone who holds no moral standard sacred has no true moral standards. Just like anyone can say god bless you (or even write a song about god) without believing in any god, anyone can claim to have moral standards.
A lot of people who claim that they lowered their moral standards are full of shit, they never believed in any of the moral standards they said they had in the first place. They never really believed in the rules they behaved within, but for some reason mindlessly kept behaving within these rules, norms, and standards, unless everyone else was breaking them, then they'd go along with the crowd and do what the crowd was doing so they didn't end up standing or being alone. They would range from wholesome, plain, and almost Puritan (no cursing, arrest everybody for being human) to anarchist, depending on what everyone else around them was saying/doing. A true coward is not someone afraid to stand, it's someone afraid to stand alone.
by Solid Mantis October 7, 2020
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Used by Christians to try and tell poeple not to have sex, get drunk, and do drugs. Seldom works but there is progress they believe. Some people are no long doing drugs and having sex at the same time....sometimes.
Christain-gotta have morals and standards guys, abstinence is good for you.

Non-Christian. Absta-what.

Christain-No sex before marriage

Non-Christian - seems like a long time, are morals and standards really that important?

Christian- yes, but its your descion
by TheTrainGuy February 6, 2018
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