Blood Gang

Known for wearing red and both selling and doing drugs.
She in the blood gang don't mess with her.
by Rich Gang👌👌👌 May 13, 2016
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A gang based off in L.A.

They wear red and thier rivals are the Crips.
by Skoolboy Ty May 3, 2016
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known also as YBG , young blood gang is a gang created in July 18th , 2018 by Joseph Bradshaw. young bloods have a gang sign , make an O cut it with the pinky, the cover it up (if you are in it you know what it means) All members are meant to keep the peace and real with everyone , no fake people allowed. also they are know to grow from 2 boys to 200 in 2 months , young bloods refer to each other as brudders and we/they all the young blooded generation. Ya gotta love yourself and others, no homo
aye whats the hand thing your doing?
oh, its the "Young Blood Gang"had sign.
how do i do it
sorry cant help ya gotta be real
damnnnn , u bit*h
thats what mean
by 701CodeHero September 13, 2018
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The “south Lyon B00D” Gang is a gang of white faggots who try to act like bitches in front of their bitchy friends. They are considered “ cool “ because they smoke weed pop pills and snort moly. Officially don’t fuck with them because they most likely have someone in the family who will kill you..
Elizabeth: Oh god those kids just snapped after they dapped each other

Emily: oh god, must be the south Lyon blood gang
by Jdjdiaidhdguss April 18, 2019
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Ifamous Mob from Kanasas City, Missouri
Well Know For "gettin guak" (money) and "bouncin out" (gang banging) and better known for associatin with the rest of the 20's from 20th to 29th street. 29th street GO
"dem dude from 29 be tearin shit up dey ruthless"
"29th Street Blood Gang shows out"
"Last night dem 29th street blood gang dudes smoked my cuzz man."
by 30 Pak JRoc/ Yung Hitter January 9, 2009
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Started mostly on the "evil eastside" the YL. The gang grew rapidly with people from yorba linda that have been born and rasied in the area their whole lives. Most of the money made to run this gang is off of stolen credit cards, pounds of weed, and cocaine by the kilo. YLB members bang out a red rag
What set do u bang homie? i bang yorba linda blood gang bitch! pulls out mac-11
by some OG from the Y March 6, 2007
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Actually, Blood Houd Gang is a sweet band, with hilarious lyrics and a good sound. They are lead by Jimmy Pop Ali, the genius vocalist. They are diverse in their songs, sometimes they have like a Buck Cherry sound, sometimes they sound like Beastie Boys, but it's good music.
Tom: Have you heard of the Blood Hound Gang?
Jim: Yeah, they really made me realize that a lap dance is more fun when the stripper is crying.
Tom: Agreed.
by Pizzle August 6, 2006
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