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Slag Hatch.
Also known as a vagina of a slut.

Often used as an insult. i.e to someone who sleeps around or is acting like a complete cock.
by Jodasaurus November 03, 2010
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The sludge left behind by a girl after a night of sexual activity. The girl is often not the brightest or prettiest and is usually (but not always) riddled with AIDS or several other various STDs.
1. I've just seen your bedroom, that girl you brought back last night slatched everywhere!

2. "What smells?" "I've got that girls slatch all over my fingers, it stinks"
by Taggy123 May 22, 2011
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Sluty Batch (bitch)

Someone who is dumb, slutty, loose vagina, and is a huge bitch.
Ew look at that slatch over there grinding on that guy!
by PLALAHCC8 September 20, 2009
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(verb) To receive or catch something that is slid across a table or countertop such as a remote control or cigarette lighter. Also used to let an individual know of your intentions of any type of sliding action.
"You never slatch anything I try sliding over to you."

"Aye Chad, SLATCH!"
{while in the motion of sliding lighter}


"Of course I slaught the remote control, how else do you think I corked my finger?"

"She slatches about 90% of the objects slid her way."

"If you'd start slatching them I'd slide more at once!"
by PostTophMortem June 18, 2017
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A request for and item or anything else that can be given to any person at any given time.
Example 1
Guy: yo, random brotch slatch some sex.
Attractive female: sounds good.

Example 2
person 1: yo my nyigga slatch a drank of that purple drank.
person 3: Ight.
by Shizzy16 September 25, 2011
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a slap with a scratch attached to it.
She was so wasted on red bull and vodkas she tried to slap her ex in the face and he caught her nail instead, it was a wicked slatch.
by who did that December 06, 2007
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