Dressing scandalously, revealing large portions of your body to get attention while making numerous sexual advances.
Used in a sentence...
"Meaghan O'Connor was looking sluty on a Saturday night"
"The sluty bird always gets the worm"
by super lovely lockss January 22, 2012
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teachers who go and have sexual fun at lunch time
by jai December 17, 2003
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A female who is most likely willing to have sexual intercourse with anyone willing and ready. Someone you may not respect or like. A booty call.
Fuck that sluty-bitch man, you can do much better.
by BIG NUTS January 12, 2005
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normally thought of as a cheerleader who rally's for a football team or school but in this case its a cheerleader who most lightly does the football team or the whole school
GUY#1:hey did you hear about tara?
GUY#2:no why?
GUY#1:she did the whole football team including me
GUY#2:no way!!! talk about a sluty cheerleader
by StE r.. May 24, 2008
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is a teacher who happens to be sluty. aka likes sleeping around with a degree.
"today my teacher slept with my best friend during lunch just so she wouldn't have to fail him"!
by pixie dust July 9, 2004
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a girl who sleeps around and dresses in inapropriate clothing
ewwwwwwwwwww! look at that sluty whoare
by jazz January 9, 2004
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Originated in richmond ca. A group of guys started going aroud talking to woman. Detinition : A man whom gets around with woman not necessarily having sex with them but talking to multiple at a time
GangThe slut gang is full of sluty boys
by rakaflames February 7, 2015
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