Something unnecessarily exclusive and/or close-minded.
"The university education system is so hatch. Learning should be democratized."
"I have been on a bourbon kick... scotch is too hatch for me."
by BalticBeerBear August 5, 2019
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Verb - To lose it; to get wound up over something; to be upset.
If she doesn't get her on time, I am going to hatch; or 'I will hatch if I hear another story about...
by JennJennSiren October 25, 2010
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Simply, the sight of a grown man acting like a ten-year-old. Usually a man that tries to tattle on fellow peers, kisses the butt of authority (metaphorically and literally), and calls out everyone's mistakes.
Wow look at that grown man over there! He's such a Hatch.
by conner_franke September 17, 2014
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When a gay man gets it in the butt by a curved downward hard cock
Alex got hatched last night supposedly omg
by Blimpy2 January 12, 2010
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what your teammates in Rainbow Six: Siege never take their time to reinforce.
Go reinforce hatch before jackal dunks on us.
by Osnaa February 21, 2018
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Hatch is the best thing that can ever happen to you he will always be their when you need him you could never ask for a better friend he also hates gingers and Jews he is also a kickass motherfucker if you find yourself a hatch hold on to him forever and never let go he will save your life and give you meaning he hates hoes and is faithful the greatest person in the world
Your such a fucking hatch I love it your boyfriend is a hatch mclovehim
by Youswithabigd November 5, 2018
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A word invented by Karisa meaning bitch.
Austin got hatch slaped. Ouch!
by Karisa July 22, 2004
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