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The act of hauling ass on your skateboard and slapping it into a curb at an angle that gets you on top of it and grinding. There are many variations but a true slappy involves speed and grinding...John Lucero, Ricky Winsor, Natas Kaupas and many others are known slappy legends.
Dude..go grab a twelve pack and we'll do slappys on that red curb.
by Monty Grind June 13, 2012
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Adjective; a state of sleepiness or tiredness that occurs simultaneously with happiness or contentness as a result of the aforementioned weary state.
I get really slappy after I'm coming down from my high.
by RonJeremysFatCock August 20, 2017
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Adj. The description for the female version of being "Pussy Whipped" as taken from the expression "Turkey Slapped".
Have you seen Emily lately?
Nah, she's way to Slappy on Mike to come out anymore.
by ThomasHawksley January 17, 2012
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To be tell an utterly pointless, boring and often stupid story.
Tom "Do you remember that one time when I won a cheeseburger and then you went up and got it?"
Vince "Yeah, ok Slappy"
by vinnyg December 03, 2007
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