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simply someone, some action, some event, something that is absolutely awesome... but only in the way that it is absolutely awesome to laugh at the expense of "twelve pack", of 'i love new york', 'i love money', and 'daisy of love' reality television fame.

like,,, the same way the eighties were awesome.
typically used to mock species of the genus; australopithecus overcompensater bag
<that was totally twelve pack>
<those white electric sunglasses are fully twelve pack>
<this bar is fucking twelve pack>
<when you try to dress like justin timberlake, but end up looking like a jonas brother. you aspire to be twelve pack>
<i never realized it before, but bono is kinda twelve pack>
<the movie top gun____ twelve pack!!>
by ckslick July 29, 2009
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n. An ugly person who despite their ugliness has just enough redeeming physical attributes that you would consider sleeping with them after consuming a twelve-pack of beer.
Guy 1: Dude, she's fugly!
Guy 2: yeah, but she's a twelve-pack.
by JackM June 10, 2005
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When a guy is overly muscular and looks like he has more than a "six pack."
"Megan, look at his body!"
"Girl, he has a TWELVE PACK!"
by SarahXBarbie November 05, 2007
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