1. To Move at an Excessive speed
Man I was Hauling Ass on the freeway today win i was pulled over.
by BlackScorpion March 8, 2003
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What we will do to Sony Roolz!!@
We will haul his ass down to Toilet COunty and start kickin his ribs
by Anti Sony Roolz!!1 Haha h August 1, 2003
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To move extremely quickly, to move at an expeditious rate. Primarily American, generally southern.
Man, that guy's Z28 really hauls ass!
by Auxois June 20, 2003
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To move much quicker than the normal pace
General: How far is Delta Company from the crash site?
Soldier: 8 blocks, sir.
General: We need to haul ass!
by Ryan "Homie G" May 30, 2005
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A vehicle moving at an excessive speed or power with a medium to large payload. Possibly consisting of ass.
Jim the bus driver was sure hauling ass when he was late delivering the cheerleaders to the football game!

The Saturn V rocket was sure hauling ass when it launched it's six and a half million pounds off the launch pad.
by Boatman1912 April 14, 2015
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To move fast and work rapidly, or to deliver hookers to their customers.
Oh man, it's 10:45! I gotta haul ass!

That pimp makes money hauling ass.
by Skelwor August 14, 2009
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