Name of a powerful, handsome, Internet troll. Most likely lives under a bridge made of crushed and reconstituted hopes and dreams of his victims
Damn, that Slam guy fuels my throbbing erection but cut my soul to pieces
by SlaveZero May 27, 2015
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To shoot an illicit drug in your vein for a great high
No, I don't want to smoke heroin, I want to slam it.
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by Tami Drough May 25, 2019
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I'm hungry. let's go slam.

That burger slammed!
by September 18, 2020
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To aggressively confront or address. To strike. To forcefully impress upon.
"I slammed dat ass."
"slam poetry" is another example.
by Precambrian Lullaby April 29, 2016
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To malign, lambaste or viciously go after a person or their reputation with words, based on facts or not, in order to attack the person or harm a reputation.

The word slam was first put into recent use in this way by Reena Walker when she used it in her group Progressive Black Thinkers on Facebook. It then spread widely around the web on social media and is now used regularly by news anchors and political pundits.
"The politician slammed his rival in his by talking about his sexual affairs". "She has decided to slam him by revealing all of the information she has about his drug use". They began to slam the history of the political movement by calling it racist.
by TheNewBlackWoman August 29, 2016
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A jail house or prison recipe of commissary food; consisting of mixed up ingredients, with the primary ingredient being; Ramen Noodles. Named differently in different states.

I.e. Indiana = Slam, Florida = Brick
Hey, we're about to make a slam, wanna throw in? I'm about to make a serious slam when commissary comes in.
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by BHHSr April 08, 2020
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