Acronym for "Stop looking at my screen", often uttered by n00bs after getting owned at GoldenEye.
person A: "omfg, i died. slams."
person B: "you suck. what?"
person A: "stop looking at my screen, thats cheating"
person B: stfu
by Leonard Chang June 10, 2005
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Stop Looking At Me, when telling one of those stories where you just had to be there and everyone looks at you like you are stupid you say SLAM!
by Baca April 25, 2004
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Swagin Like A Mathafucker
Damn that kids S.L.A.Ming
by LiLBoY247 January 14, 2012
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to devour; to eat in a manner that is fast
me: ima hungry
some guy: me too, ima slam down my lunch in a bit
by andy zap November 25, 2005
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To penetrate another in an act of intercourse preceeded by a running start.
by Lames June 07, 2006
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Name of a powerful, handsome, Internet troll. Most likely lives under a bridge made of crushed and reconstituted hopes and dreams of his victims
Damn, that Slam guy fuels my throbbing erection but cut my soul to pieces
by SlaveZero May 27, 2015
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