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a one night stand gone wrong; horrible sex with someone you never want to see again
I picked up a guy at the bar last night and he was a Jimmy! I called a cab before he woke up!
by Mandy Pavlov October 21, 2012
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A kid in my class is a water slapper
by jgyhsref January 22, 2020
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A strange idiot that is obsess with social media and knows nothing about the real world and doesn't care about anything and just binge watches Netflix shows all day.
My friend was a A Jimmy and my family didn't like him no more... Bye,Bye brother!
by I cri evrytim :"3 February 08, 2017
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someone who is just inbetween ugly and cute . used to describe someone who you just don't know how to describe them without sounding mean .

" omg ; did you see that kid? he was a jimmy ! "
by pokerplayer2222 March 24, 2007
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A Jimmy is a extremely picky eater.
"Brenda is such A Jimmy she refuses to eat any thing off of the menu!"
by Crazykitties July 02, 2017
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In the world of recreational drug use, a Jimmy is when someone laces marijuana with ketamine and rolls a blunt/joint with it
"Yo homie I just rolled a Jimmy, wanna smoke it with me?"
"Hell nah man, last time I couldn't get out of bed the next day!"
by Handelbars October 12, 2020
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Right lads, so I was taking a poo and I hear this wet fart noise. So I look down and there’s bubbles coming out of my japs eye! Let’s call it a Jimmy
by A licensed bum September 16, 2020
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