Skylar is the most beautiful person you’ll ever see in you life.

Skylar means means eternal life, strength, love, protection, beauty, knowledge and the sky itself. Skylar is really sarcastic and she loves nature. She is da best gamer you’ll ever see! She is nice, helpful, and shouldn’t be used. She hates it when people spell her name incorrectly it’s not Skyler or Skyla, it’s Skylar. Don’t get her pissed or else your soooo dead. When some does something bad to her or her friends and family she always seeks payback. Overall, Skylar is the best girl known to live. She usually has brown hair and hazelnut eyes. Skylar is usually born in winter or spring.
Megan: Wanna go to Skylar’s birthday party?

Addison: Like ya! She’s da best!

Megan: She’s my cousin.😉
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by CrystalMoon101 June 16, 2018
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A cute and beautiful girl who is a complete Animal-lover and is very tomboyish. Every girl is jealous of how sexy she is and every guy wants her. Mostly has dark green eyes like a cat does or hazel eyes like chocolate ice cream. Is very funny and loud would be your best-est friend in the whole world. But if you piss her off, She can make life a living nightmare for you! She will scratch your feelings like a cat and you will be enemies. But hold on to her, she is a true treasure and is amazing inside and out. You can tell her ANYTHING. So always love her.
Guy 1: wow that Skylar is amazing!

Guy 2: She used to be mine until I broke her soccer trophy.. Damn your lucky, but don't mess up dude...

Guy 1: Wow she must be a handful! But shes amazing imma go see her again
by scooter12445 May 18, 2017
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There is no girl as perfect as Skylar. She has god given beauty and should not be taken for granted. The sky is not her limit because she can soar way high above it. She is an amazing friend that will be there for you no mater what. Skylar is athletic and intelegent and her own way. She is very funny and can take mean jokes. Even if you call her an Evil Demon Child she’ll still be kind and caring to you and that’s what I love about her. If you have a skylar in your life never give her up.
Damn did you see that girl. Looking good, I bet her name is Skylar.
by Ise Gaming November 11, 2017
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Skylar is a person who will always be there for you. It can be a guy or a girl. The bestest friend anyone could ever ask for. Makes people smile a lot. Will never forget about you. Gives the best hugs, and has a great smile. Can be really funny too, and is nice, but mean when provoked. Sometimes shy. Has trouble admiting thier feelings for people.
by Chong12345 June 19, 2011
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Skylar is a beautiful amazing girl. She'll always be there for you no matter what. Shes sarcastic A LOT, She is so gorgeous you will get so jealous. She has boys on her all the time. Shes really shy when you first meet her but when she starts to get to know you she is extremley funny and loving. She has an amazing body and guys always want more. She gives AWESOME hugs. She loves dance and sports like that. She loves her family more than anything.
Hey dude did you see that girl on the stage that much be a Skylar she's HOT.
by Love.life.to.the.fullest. November 04, 2018
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1. a girl who is beautiful, has intense green eyes, has an amazing personality, is the perfect weight, and every guy should love her for her amazing and caring heart.
"Dam dude did you see that amazing girl" Guy 1

"Yeah, thats Skylar" Guy 2
by Swiggle January 12, 2009
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A beatutiful, talented, smart girl who any guy would be lucky to have. Never judge her by her cover because you may have a wrong opinion. She is very sweet. She is gorgeous inside and out. She will also stick up for what she believes in. So, be careful not to let her go. She is a true treasure. She is very crazy and hot! Youll be lucky to have Skylar.
Man, that girl is a real Skylar, isnt she?
by manly man[= June 13, 2011
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