She is a beautiful young woman who you should be glad to have in your life. She has a wonderful voice, but says it's horrible. She may leave you in the future, so cherish every moment with her. She has beautiful green eyes. She is a little dirty minded.
Have you met my friend, Skylar?
by ShAwTyImMaPaTeAtIlLtHeSuNdOwN December 16, 2017
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a living goddess. she has the prettiest eyes, smile, and just gorgeous. she is also one of the nicest people i’ve ever met and is such an amazing person.
skylar is so 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
by thesladecase February 04, 2019
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Best sister in the world... Shes always there for you and shes really pretty and perfect in everyway. Shes funny and you can tell her anything
Damn your so lucky I wish I had a Skylar, instead I have a stupid brother.
by rzrbk August 03, 2010
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an insanely hot chick with passion, force, and strong sexy eyes.
there is skylar and she is so hot!Guy1
she is like god!Guy2
by carlfredcarl January 15, 2009
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An artistic young girl who has red hair and likes to dip carrots in yogurt and is famous for making her own animal species. Credit to her creative mind. She hates it when teachers look down on her even if she can produce greatness cause’ they’re just feeling kinda jelly.
You should be more creative. Be like Skylar”.
by Emmdogmusicskillz November 27, 2018
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Skylar is a guy that's there for you. He is a good friend that you can trust and depened on. He will always have your back no matter what
Skylar is the real g
by Skylarlol October 20, 2019
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The most thickest person u would ever meet! Thicker than a snickerrrr. Anyways, she’s the most gorgeous girl u will ever meet. She always says she’s ugly but she’s rly not. If someone hates Skylar it’s literally because they’re jealous that she’s 47828263 times prettier than they r. She’s such a kind and loving person. Shes also such a fun person to talk to. Everything abt her personality u will j adore. She’s can be cray cray at times but we love her for that. She’s also very picky. But neither way, get urself a skylar! If u don’t then good luck in life. Ur rly gonna need a Skylar in ur life.
Everyone- look guys it’s skylar!
Me: who?
Everyone - how do u not know who she is. She’s such a queennnnn
by Hjkfuyxjskz April 13, 2019
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