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A little brother or sister under 11 that gets away from trouble or tells off their big brothers or sisters up to no good
What are you Doing?

Its a Arcade Machine! now get out of my room!

No it aint! its a ATM Machine im tellin mom, MOM!

OK shut up il give you $50 bucks to be quiet!


Ok heres $60 and get out!

Man yur sister is a Demon child
by playmaker739 August 26, 2008
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In summary: A young, naive child who likes to be pain in the *** to anyone older than them, with exception of annoying seniors and mature adults.
"Hey sis."
"Hi big brother! What is that?"
"It's my phone. Don't touch it."
"Can I touch it?"
"God, you're such a demon child, sis."
by Psychoticlife June 10, 2020
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go visit me...NOOOOWWW....that is if you want to see a demon child!
by dark person...very dark September 19, 2003
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