A little brother or sister under 11 that gets away from trouble or tells off their big brothers or sisters up to no good
What are you Doing?

Its a Arcade Machine! now get out of my room!

No it aint! its a ATM Machine im tellin mom, MOM!

OK shut up il give you $50 bucks to be quiet!


Ok heres $60 and get out!

Man yur sister is a Demon child
by playmaker739 August 26, 2008
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In summary: A young, naive child who likes to be pain in the *** to anyone older than them, with exception of annoying seniors and mature adults.
"Hey sis."
"Hi big brother! What is that?"
"It's my phone. Don't touch it."
"Can I touch it?"
"God, you're such a demon child, sis."
by Psychoticlife June 10, 2020
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go visit me...NOOOOWWW....that is if you want to see a demon child!
by dark person...very dark September 19, 2003
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A mix of words used to describe a person who is extremely adorable, loveable, and who is there for you in your times of need.
Ze adowable demon child is leaving her home. Ze adowable demon child is helping me.
by aLpHoNsE<3 August 17, 2019
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