The sweetest girl you will ever find. She always has her eyes on this one guy. She often has Brown hair, brown eyes and is tan. She has BUITFUL hair and a nice butt. She will always want to be there for you. She wants the best for evey body. She can't wait to find that person.
Hey dude, did out meet skylar yet, she's incredible!

2nd dude, yeah I wish Skylar. would talk to me more
by Lillyyyyzzzzzz October 28, 2013
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Skylar is a teenage heartthrob and also can be a heart breaker if that's what needs to be done she/ he could love you with their all or just leave you hanging. A Skylar is also very attractive,fun,and outgoing.
-person 1- omg is that Skylar?

-person 2- yes, she's so cute!
by Kashve December 23, 2016
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Most likely enjoys the little things in life.

Like cheese...

blocks of cheese, cheese cubes, or even a 200lb mound of cheese.
Their name must be Skylar. Imma be their friend cause they're freaking amazing.
by Miiddy June 26, 2010
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A boy or a girl who is usually very hot/sexy. Can be annoying and might be weird. Try their best to get your attention and really want to be with the hottest and coolest person. Will do some bizzare things but are very nice.
Skylar is going blind.
by SRRscooter March 31, 2010
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beautiful young girl who has sky blue eyes. shes the person you can trust the most.if you ever meet or already know a skylar hogan ,then grab her arm and kiss her she'll like you back like me<3!!
"who is that?"boy 1
"what you don't know who that is? that's skylar she soooooo beautiful i almost dated her but Jake got her first." boy 2
by skycutegirl March 14, 2018
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Skylars are amazing. they are best when they have brown hair, hazel/brown eyes, and are short. they are very funny and shy at first but awesome.
Skylar is over there. She has big eyes. They look anime.
via giphy
by CaramelLizard4 May 11, 2018
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Skylar is the kindest guy you will ever meet, he’s hilarious, and cares about your feelings. Skylar will love and respect you through everything, he has the most beautiful hair, and the most intoxicating personality. He can light up your day with a smile, and light up your world with his friendship. He is the definition of loving.
Have you met Skylar? He’s so fun to have around!

Oh my gosh, you have to meet Skylar, he gives the best hugs!
by YaGirlHoneyCoatedCarrots July 02, 2019
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