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Skylar is a young beautiful girl. She has stunning and such bright eyes. She is so insecure about herself and will never take compliments and always thinks she's ugly. She will never let you down, she will always be there for you no matter what. She is the most loyal girl ever! She can be shy when you first meet her but once she gets to know you and you get to know her , she's loud and she can be very funny. Skylar is very sexy and has a very good body and can be be turned on VERY easy, but only to the ONE boy she is sexually attracted to. However one minute she can be happy and the next she can be annoyed or upset. She is a very nice and caring girl but she can only be mean if she's provoked. Her smile lights up everything. She will overthink and get jealous ALOT! Once she has a boy , she will stay focused on just him. Skylar has a hard time telling people about how she feels. Overall skylar is the one I want and need ! She's perfect!
Sam: Hi skylar!
Skylar: hey!
Sam: damn girl you sexy!
by Skydiving11111 January 21, 2018

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