Verb; Transitive
To make a last stand against a group of people when outnumbered and on your own turf.
"The best part of Home Alone is when Macaulay Culkin skyfalled those burglars."
"In Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet, when Ferrier's house is surrounded, I wish he would have skyfalled those guys instead of running away."
by Pseudonamus May 2, 2013
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A youtuber with 86.2K subscribers who makes FNF videos
Hey bro, have you watched Skyfall?

No, I haven't.

You should!
by Embed February 13, 2022
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the 23rd Bond movie. The first trailers show, that the movie could be one of the better Bond's but on the other hand the new bond girls and the fact, that 007 as well as M are failing somehow makes it a bit worrying, since that's something that must not happen in a Bond movie.
by sidious September 8, 2012
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A term used for a gay men sex party. Being the man at the bottom of the pile is known as taking the "skyfall". Dicks in your face from above.
Heyyy you coming over for the skyfall tonight? Heard its going to be fabulous!
by Righteous Glory June 1, 2018
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a moment of great sorrow; a great disaster.
The death of her husband is a skyfall to her.
by uttam maharjan March 23, 2013
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(Verb) When a man's best-friend takes his girlfriend to see a movie on a secret date and fingers her.
Don't tell A.J. but I was skyfalling Gena this weekend.
by williboic December 17, 2014
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143 minute ad for Heineken, Audi, Volks Wagon, Jaguar, Sony Vaio and a bunch of other shit. May also be something about Bond in there somewhere.
Dude 1: Man, I feel like I want to buy a laptop or drink a Heineken or something.

Dude 2: So you liked Skyfall then?
by 1257 April 11, 2013
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