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Verb; Transitive
To make a last stand against a group of people when outnumbered and on your own turf.
"The best part of Home Alone is when Macaulay Culkin skyfalled those burglars."
"In Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet, when Ferrier's house is surrounded, I wish he would have skyfalled those guys instead of running away."
by Pseudonamus May 02, 2013
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143 minute ad for Heineken, Audi, Volks Wagon, Jaguar, Sony Vaio and a bunch of other shit. May also be something about Bond in there somewhere.
Dude 1: Man, I feel like I want to buy a laptop or drink a Heineken or something.

Dude 2: So you liked Skyfall then?
by 1257 April 11, 2013
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The best James Bond movie ever! In this movie , you can find the look-alike of the Young man police-man who is flirting with james bond , Q , knife , guns , MI6 explosion, M dead, Ben nevis , womans , a chinese casino...
Also a bautiful song by Adele.
-Woo, just seen the new James Bond, Skyfall . It's just amazing!
by SWAYDM November 05, 2012
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Landing in a swimming pool in GTA V after skyfall cheat has been enabled. This results in everybody drinking a shot, if the player misses he must drink a shot.
Shit he just skyfalled in GTA V, everybody bottoms up
by matt73210 October 16, 2013
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The twenty-third James Bond movie. It was released in 2012. The plot is a blatant rip off of Christopher Nolan"s The Dark Knight trilogy. The idea to kill off James Bond's parents when he was a child and bury them in the back yard of the mansion was taken from Batman canon. Plot points such as the use of a secret tunnel and the bad guy destroying Bond's house were taken from Batman Begins. the villain being caught intentionally was taken from The Dark Knight. And the hero returning from a major injury and a substantial time off was taken from The Dark Knight Rises.
Person 1: What did you think of Skyfall?
Person 2: Not as good as the trilogy it stole its plot from.
by Fire Goodell April 03, 2013
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the 23rd Bond movie. The first trailers show, that the movie could be one of the better Bond's but on the other hand the new bond girls and the fact, that 007 as well as M are failing somehow makes it a bit worrying, since that's something that must not happen in a Bond movie.
by sidious September 08, 2012
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