Fuck Nigga Free

In the song FNF by HitKidd She says she "F-R-E-E Fuck Nigga Free"
Person 1: we outside this summer
person 2: Perioddd and i'm FNF
Person 1: What that mean?
Person 1: Ayeeeee
by Lovely crazy pants May 5, 2022
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Im FNF ! Meaning that you are single or not dealing with a fuck NiGGa
by FNF!! May 4, 2022
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Abbreviation for "Fuck Nigga Free", to no longer be associated with a whack pimp or shitty boyfriend and be with:
1) a better pimp, mostly someone who provides you with all your necessities, takes care of you and protects you (unlike a whack pimp that will just use your money to bump other bitches or buy a chain he doesnt deserve)
2) a better boyfriend, one that loves you for who you are and doesnt disrespect your hustle, or take advtange of you for your money. (And moreso someone that doesnt see you dancing forever)

3) being single and happy with being on your own and making your own money
Yo angel I just left that whack boyfriend, im now FNF!!
by fortunecookie21617 February 19, 2017
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Family Not Friends. It's commonly used to describe a friend that you love like family.
Yo Chris is my bro for life. That's FNF right there.
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Fries and fans
It's an Australian slang that stan for getting together in a barbecue party for reason like getting laid or dating
" oi Lewis, yesterday I went to sam FNF and got with bob "
by J.one01 May 2, 2023
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Five Nights at Funkin or something idk
I am a big FNF fan.
by ItzSh0ckerz August 15, 2021
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