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Any type of ecstasy pill that is bunk. Normally from a bad batch.

Once you take the pill(s) you get high but you feel the comedown very fast. The comedown last longer than the high and generally makes you feel horrible.

Skydivers give you a bad roll the entire night.
"Man, those pill I had last night were some skydivers. Soon as I took them I felt like throwing up and had a headache the rest of the night."

" Person 1: I feel so horrible right now. I have a bad headache, my chest hurts and I feel like throwing up.

Person 2: I told you not to take those pills, they were some skydivers."
by BlakOutt July 11, 2009
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I am a melomaniac.
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When your hammering your lady (or guy friend, if that's your thing) from behind, belly down on the bed, as soon as you start to snap one off inside her, you pull up all four limbs in a skydiver position. This will cause your full weight to make her tense up and feel a heavenly tightness around your unit. Orgasmic enhancement.
Broooo, last night I had Marcy face down on her bed, as I popped my load, I pulled a skydiver, shit got tight!
by JZrkman August 28, 2020
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When a male or female hangs from a ceiling fan and then poops causing the feces to explode all over their partner.
When Nathaniel finished having sex with Patsy, he grabbed the ceiling fan and performed a sky diver. Patsy was soon covered with his fecal matter within seconds
by RockinTheFro March 21, 2007
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'sky diver' is rhyming slang for a fiver aka ยฃ5
look over there sky diver on floor

lend us a sky diver
by Bl4yze March 26, 2009
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A sexual position. when the woman is facing away from you and you grab both of her wrists, she then proceeds to wrap her legs around you backwards. you then have a choice of holes. it should end up that (if you weren't there) she looks like shes skydiving
Guy who likes to lie about having sex: Dude! i totally did the skydiver with my ho' last night! legend!

this guys friend: ehh no? you went to the cinema with me? you fucking virgin.
by Spaacer545 May 18, 2009
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When a women is held up in a skydiving formation and the women is blowing a guy underneath her and giving handjobs to the guys holding her up and one of the guys is finger her pussy and the other is eating her ass and the guy underneath her is sucking her tits
Clay- hey dude how was sharkisha last night
Dave- great she is amazing at the skydiver
by The skydiver August 26, 2015
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