When a women is held up in a skydiving formation and the women is blowing a guy underneath her and giving handjobs to the guys holding her up and one of the guys is finger her pussy and the other is eating her ass and the guy underneath her is sucking her tits
Clay- hey dude how was sharkisha last night
Dave- great she is amazing at the skydiver
by The skydiver August 26, 2015
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When a male or female hangs from a ceiling fan and then poops causing the feces to explode all over their partner.
When Nathaniel finished having sex with Patsy, he grabbed the ceiling fan and performed a sky diver. Patsy was soon covered with his fecal matter within seconds
by RockinTheFro February 22, 2007
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Slang: Meaning Β£5 or, "A Fiver"
Frequently used by young people in the north of England who also use terms like mint
So how much petrol money you guys got then?

I've got a skydiver.
by Vodka Head March 21, 2005
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A woman that’s considered a jump-off ,one who sleeps around and does anything nasty and will even let your friends sleep with her
Friend:what are you doing bro?

Me: waiting on this sky diver to come to my house.
by Hitsquad reko October 18, 2018
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