where your grades keep falling, and falling, and falling, and falling.... oh and falling
oh man, i'm having the worst senior skydive this week
by titinaperfect December 18, 2010
The sexual act of love making in a specific way
(The object is to leap off the bed and land on top of your woman,with your erection scoring it right in too her vagina, without any bendage.) Hey bob what happened to u last night, oh man jimmy, Jessica and i had a crazy night last night. what happened bob. well you see we tried the Alaskin Skydiver lastnight and my calculations were a little off so i took work of today to recover. im in a lot of pain. Damn bob i wish i had a woman to do the alaskin skydiver u luck dog you.
by lickismacrackis March 27, 2010
Another name for LSD. LSD Drug
Artist Jamie Hewlett took Liquid Skydive before drawing a picture of 2D. LSD Drug
by Plastic-Castaway May 1, 2016
the thing where you get held up by wind
Oh let's go indoor skydiving but make sure to dress warm because there's a lot of wind
by Saffia August 20, 2017
get into a stance and you hold your legs over you back and put your cock in the chicks ass and thump.
"Hemi I have back spasms because i gave Susan a Kuraby skydive."
by Leanin May 23, 2008
During a sexual endeavor, the male stands on the top of a dresser in the room and jumps with an erect penis into the womans vajayjay. This requires extreme precision and endurance so use caution
Things were starting to get boring and then he hit me with a japanese skydive....couldnt walk for weeks
by Knux7335 December 14, 2009