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Yeet, Sah, skeet, bruh, and yuh all combined
Skuh jerry that trick was awesome bro
by Babymonki_yeet March 15, 2019
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used to express disbelief in the place of words like "no way!" or "duh!"
dude hes running for president! skuh!
by hayley and carrie December 01, 2003
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1. To try hard and have fun. Commitment to the process.

2. Term for positive affirmation when definition 1 is displayed by another individual.
"Even though you didn't win the race you performed well and tried hard; twas hella Skuh!"

"Let's skuh at this competition.
by SuhBuhPuh September 04, 2018
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The act of having all of your chips absorbed on a draw out, or bad beat.

lol all your chips just got skuhhed

by GrundleDank December 11, 2008
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