skid row. Can be used to mean the "underground" scene of a city or any and all things that aren't shopping malls and picket fences.
"You grew up and moved on to suburban hell, but we're still playing in the skids."
by anonymous September 22, 2004
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1) Person or persons who feel alienated from a populace's traditional conventions and are comparable to the dark shit-stains on the fetid, off-white underpants of society.

2) The traces of shit in your underwear.

3) The mark one leaves on a tile floor such as linoleum caused by dragging your feet with shoes on.
The corporate business CEO to the union laborers:

"So who are you again?"

"Just a group of skids from the inner-city ghetto looking to take back liberties for our impoverished, exploited comrades in the workplace"
by InSuburbia July 12, 2008
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A script kiddie, someone who has downloaded a few scripts from the internet and now he thinks he's a motherfucking badass hackerman.
This DDoS attack smells like a twelve years old skid with a booter.
by Intellectuate February 20, 2018
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a word that preps made up to try and degrade the rest of society.

someone who doesnt give a fuck what the hell anyone else has to say about them
"Look at that skid over there.."

by ME MUTHERFUCKRS June 07, 2005
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A human of true nature who has a volatile relationship with the universe that is usually "cool" but can explode into madness.
And then that Skid with the sunglasses just lost it and started fucking shit up big time.
by Skid May 02, 2003
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to drop a burnout without brakes, also called a powerskid. Act of smoking the tires on a car as long as possible without the application of brakles so it slowly rolls forward. to go further means that your car generally has a great deal more power as it can continually spin without grabbing traction.
ben dropped a massive skid down the front of ur house man
by Sam... July 26, 2006
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Someone who normally doesn't wipe and lets the back of there underwear do the cleaning rustling is a a skid mark on there pants.

Other reasons for not wiping could be :
Busy (they might have a demanding job at Next)

No Paper
Couldn't find a towel

They were framed
Me - man how did you leave the bathroom so quick

Skids - I don't wipe

Me - bet you've got some skid marks on your pants
by Thomasakaskids May 14, 2019
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