A white married female who fucks black guys on the side.
Ty is banging another White Wife today.
by kinkmaster May 13, 2007
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A woman that you used to be married to, that gave birth to your child while you worked 2 jobs so she could stay at home and met a fuck buddy online and you busted her ass.
This woman also claims to be a Christian, but she's really a hypocrite. She will continue to get married (3 times if necessary) and have men pay her way through life by pushing out some kids. She will meddle in your current relationships because if she ain't happy, NOBODY'S happy. Also shape shifts into the "victim" and "damsel in distress" and gives your kids second-hand smoke. Wants you at her beck and call. Known to frequent bars and trailer parks. Seeks out "suckers" and "shmucks". She will manipulate them until they can take no more. This results in the death of your balls for she has them in her possession now and forever.
That meddling white trash ex-wife of yours needs to check herself!
by your mom and your dad May 7, 2007
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