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When a woman uncontrollably queefs, often on friends. And when everytime a fart is released from this same woman, it smells like baby shits. Thus giving oneself this nickname.
Friend 1:(queefs on friend)

Friend 2: Wtf? Did you just queef?

Friend 1:(lets out a silent fart, but does not say anything)

Friend 2:What smells like baby shit?

Friend 2: Dude, your a mother queefin' baby shitter!
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A person who when farts smells like they shit their pants, yet never claims it was their fart. If you do this action you may just find anti-skid signs in the bathroom.
Person 1:(farts)
Person 2:(smells shit) Do you smell that?It smells like shit!Did you just shit your pants?
Person 1:Nope, i don't smell anything.
Person 1:SKIDS!
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