The best hacker in the world, killed hitler with Kung Fury, and the best french accent ever.
*In thick french accent* "Hey guys, I'm Hackerman, today I'm going to show you how to hack common household objects back or foward into time.
by nightingaleD November 10, 2017
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Someone who figures out logging in to the state exams account on a computer and going on Google Chrome instead , losing the firewall.
Logan is a hackerman when it comes to compoteryer

by Snarfle211 December 21, 2017
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that one kid from like bangladesh who updates the computers to a newer version and thinks he's hacked them.
Bangladeshi boi: oi famalam ding dong guess what i hacked the computers innit i am such a hackerman
Normal sensible boi: No you haven't it's just updating to windows 10 sorry bb
by [oE]shockwave July 18, 2019
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As soon as you get inside you partner you pull out a laptop and put it on their back and shout I'm in
Dude I hackerman'd my way into my girlfriend last night
by Sugarloaf88 March 11, 2019
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a smart person with intelligence rats alot of users also hacks into there main frames and takes there tacos and wraps and stuff... has a big ass ego and does what he likes when ever he likes but doesnt care much because he`ll die

does alot of ddosing and ratting but still gets away with it <3
anyway but ok loves jan and bee <3

goes out with bee mostly

-ps jan
im really fucking smart <3 but im half retarded
Look at that nigga called humanoid he looks like a hackerman burrito
by fucking hacker burrito September 10, 2019
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The most awesome hacker of the w0rld.

He helped a man called "Kung Fury" to to track a phone call.
Since then he helped him defeat a man called "Adolf Hitler"
(Watch the movie "Kung Fury" to find out more

He hax time
He hax life

~Apagando las luces
Kung Fury: I need to go back in time, to nazi-germany
Hackerman: I can Hack you back in time.
Kung Fury: What happened?
Hackerman: I hacked you back to life.
Hackerman: I can trace that call!
by Tomentos February 22, 2017
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