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To be smacked or slapped, usually about the face or buttocks. Sometimes used as a threat to badly behaved bairns.
"If you don't cut that pish out, you're gonna get skelped!"

The ugly man had a face like a skelped arse.
by Fannybaws92 February 13, 2015
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Used for being really drunk in Glasgow and parts of Scotland
A wiz pure skelped last night,canny remember leaving the pub
by Bailliestonboy July 02, 2009
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When you try to find a restaurant on yelp, and it gets very good reviews, and then you go and it is pretty trashy.
This hummus place gets 80 reviews and has 4 stars, lets go!
4 hours later... Some nasty kind of stomach bug
"I just got skelped!"
by SlackDash May 29, 2018
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