Based on the Kate Hudson movie Skeleton Key, in which an old lady steals her youth, skeleton keying is when you and your friend are both deservedly hungover, and suddenly one friend begins to feel much better, and the other friend much worse. The friend that is feeling better is 'skeleton keying' the other, or stealing their essence.
Alex, a minute ago I was fine, now I can't get off of the floor, and you're suggesting we walk to McDonalds? How are you feeling better, are you skeleton keying me?
by Dirtyytroll March 28, 2018
Many times refers to a magical key that will sucessfully unlock anything.
He used the skeleton key on all the locks in the building, and lo and behold it worked on all of them! He was impressed...
by Amras Onitalli October 26, 2006
A name used for a person that makes you feel all emotions, like the girl being sung about in the song "Skeleton Key" by Margot & The Nuclear So and So's is being refered to.
"That boy is nothing but a skeleton key. He's not so special after all. He just opens up the doors to old emotions."
by Stephanie M. L. February 8, 2008
When a man has sex with every orophus in a woman's body, he has unlocked every hole and therefore has the skeleton key.
"Dude, she give you the skeleton key?"
"You know it man, it took a lot of effort, but i finally got it."
by boombaby1991 September 23, 2009
A secret, hidden, or auxiliary means or device to access or alter something like that of a key.
I got a Skeleton Key for us to escape this jail.
by Matt Razz June 22, 2006
To insert your finger in someone's asshole without using lubricant.
I need to take my girlfriend to the pharmacy to buy Advil because I skeleton keyed her... but first I need to wash my finger. While I'm there, I'd better buy lubricant for next time.
by Captain Map Reader May 16, 2010
Referring to when you defecate into a women's vagina.
"Dude, you gave her a skeleton key? You own her now man!"
by rusty shackleford jr March 14, 2009