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Anonymous message board login and username for Big Law lawyers from about 1999 - 2007. The log in SKEK was used on the Yahoo Greedy Associates Boards and later on the InFirmation Greedy Associates boards. This community revolutionized the way law firm associates were compensated at a time when there was virtually no sharing of compensation information. The community provided long-needed transparency to the legal market salary and bonus structure. The acronym/word/anonymous log in became a way for Big Law associates to communicate with each other. Much of the transparency still exists today due to this community. It was almost confirmation that you were part of a masochistic club that accepted torture from large international law firms. The acronym stands for Stan Kyle Eric Kenny (of Southpark fame).
Skek confirmed associated bonuses at Brobeck and Cravath!
by OGSkek January 28, 2014
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An abnormally smart skateboarder.
wordskateboard + wordgeek = skek)
That skater has got a 90% average, what a Skek
by Skek March 28, 2003
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From Princeton N.J. High School, mid/late '70s Learning Community.
Please note that the E is pronounced in the hard or short form.

"Skek" an unhappy occurrence with a shade of humor.

An unfortunate incident, faux pas, ridicules failure.

Similar to “rats” but with a post hippie/punk edge
Upon tripping and almost falling one might sayr "SKEK!!!!"
by Colin Holloway October 11, 2006
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From South Glens Falls, NY. To speak in a raspy voice, spouting such phrases as "Oh my God!" and "That's wicked bad!"
Ryan: Oh my God! That's wicked bad!
Josh: Why ya skekkin'?
by hobsnobber April 03, 2005
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