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Replacement for any curse word, can be used in place of any word.
Damn. Fuck that skeeto , he's such a queer

Almost got my skeeto on after prom, but I forgot my condoms

"What's up"
"Just chilling"

"Oh skeeto"

Almost Skeetod on that kid when he made fun of my hair cut
by ASAPskeeto November 20, 2015
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In Final Fantasy XI (A popular MMO game), Skeeto refers to a gimp player; particularly a ranger.
Don't invite that skeeto, he's a fucking gimp.
by ProFoSho August 08, 2006
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1: (noun) A kind of person who treads the fine line between perverted and clinically insane.
"Elle, look at that Skeeto over there... he's literally licking the road. Oh, oh fuck he's looking at us. Walk quicker."
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by ChristmasTreeKiller April 19, 2018
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