A skeet is a word used in Newfoundland for a person usually from ages 12-80 for someone who drinks a lot, gets fucking hammered every Saturday with the bhys, oftentimes vapes, wears loose black jeans that go past their arse, goes to Marie’s for a feast in their pyjamas and their baseball hat MUST match their shoes.
“You going to jacks this Sunday?”
Yes man he’s a skeet though”
by Youraveragenewfie March 26, 2018
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Literally means to cum/ejaculate on someone or something.

See the following:
Skeet Skeet
Skeet Skeet Skeet
by RandomGuy March 29, 2005
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The phrase commonly used when a person is about to unload jism onto his partner.
Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh skeet skeet skeet bitch
by BTNH January 16, 2005
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man chowder, baby batter, love juice, jizz, cum, semen, ejaculation, splooge, busted nut, blown wad, man goo, jizm, sperm...what happens when you give a girl the "oh" face.
I showed that bitch my oh face then skeet skeet skeeted all over her.
by smack daddy November 13, 2006
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jizz, ejaculate, spooge, cum, to blow one's load, get rid of the baby batter,or otherwise squirt seminal fluid from the penis.
Dude, I totally skeeted in her hair!
by SkeetMan John April 29, 2004
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the action of spilling your manly ju ju juice upon one's face. Word, yo.
Did you see when i did her. I was all like "SKEET SKEET SKEET!"
by DeltaPiDelta December 24, 2005
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