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Note: A Skater Poser is NOT someone who sucks at skateboarding and/or is just beginning.

A Skater Poser is someone who claims they skate, but doesn't really. Reasons for someone being a Skater Poser include popularity and getting girls. They are usually seen carrying their boards around (some don't even own a skateboard), saying they can do tricks, and sitting around at the local park, insulting actual skaters.
*Real Skater falls doing a kickflip to nosegrind*

Skater Poser: Dude, you suck! I did that first try yesterday!

Real Skater: Let's see it, then.

Skater Poser: A cop took my board away.

Real Skater: Here, use mine.

Skater Poser: Uh, I have to, uh, check my, uh, house. I think, uh, I left my, uh, front door open.

*Skater Poser runs away*

Real Skater: Poser...
by youdon'tneedtoknowme July 05, 2010
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A dick who stands around at a skate park or walks around with a skateboard to make them,selves look cool, but cant skate.
They also insult people who can acutaly sk8.
Note: Beginer Skaters who are just learning are not pores
Skater tries to do a 720 triple 360 flip of a 10 foot ramp but falls on the landing.
SkaterPoser: hahaha lol i can do that so easy man u fail
Skater: so do it
poser: um my board is at home.
skater: its in ur hand

poser runs off in shame
skater: fag...
by sk84erlife October 16, 2011
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