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The wrong way to hold a skateboard (by the trucks, with grip tape rubbing against your pants).
Typical of people who spend more time carrying their skateboard around the mall as a fashion accessory instead of actually riding it.
The poseur was easy to spot because their pants had been sanded down near the waist due to constant mall grabbing.
by Nick Sherman July 06, 2006
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When somebody holds there skateboard by the truck (most commonly in the mall) and is usually referred to as a poser.
by enrets mada August 31, 2008
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Original definition: skate trick, Pushing down on the tail of a skateboard and grabbing it by the front trucks. Generally the first β€œtrick” most skaters learn. Generally the only trick that mall rats who buy boards but don’t ride will know how to do.
That kid has no idea how to ride, he just sits in the mall holding his board and does an occasional mall grab.
by TheBoden May 25, 2018
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