Someone that is always drinking or doing drugs. Basically there life revolves around it.
Caitlyn is such a fucking trasher.
by Numba1Stunna September 7, 2004
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an algerian gaming group with full of noob fortnite players but there is only one dude who is a pro lol and csgo player
wesha Trasher
by nolifesofiane April 29, 2020
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Another brilliant Trasher post to brighten up my day!
by JES December 10, 2003
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A person who live life with trash personality on purpose, to have fun.
I'm a real life trasher, that's why I drive in a cylinder without any reason, just to look fun, while have fun.
by LaciTheGhost February 5, 2022
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when you take a shit in between a girl's boobs and then titty fuck her.
jeff: damn, i was so wasted last night, but it was worth the tibetan trasher i gave allison.

denny: niiiiice.
by charleeeeeeeeeee!!! April 23, 2008
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A person who adds trashy and shitty words to this wonderful website.
Example: Why did you add that to Urban Dictionary? YOU'RE SUCH A WORD TRASHER!
by Trasherbuddy May 16, 2021
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