the blank expression that comes across a persons face when day dreaming.
dude, check out dave day dreaming, he looks miles away

yeah mate i know, he has his screen saver on
by billinom8s November 13, 2009
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tv show on TechTV that is on every weekday at 7:00 ET, and u can play in their lan parties every thursday... which are powered by NVIDIA. which is weird because whenever they are talkin about video cards they always recommend ATI radeon cards.
"the ati radeon 9600 pro is a good video card"
patrick: "join our lan party on thursday"
leo: "powered by NVIDIA"
by amd>intel December 26, 2003
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A show that has gone downhill since ZdTv turned into Techtv and then into complete garbage G4Techtv
Watch out there goes G4 they might just try and turn you into a worthless host!
by Brett August 23, 2004
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A Show that has almost no adult supervision since two-thirds of the cast quit/got pinkslipped, and sometimes has no adult supervision at all.
Yoshi doesn't count as adult supervision, as he uses sharp objects & things that blow up.
The old screen savers was better than the new.
by Brisk July 11, 2004
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A computer-help show on TechTV, with hosts Leo Laporte and Patrick Norton. Airs Mon-Fri at 7 pm e/p 6 pm central. Join their LAN party POWERED BY NVIDIA every Thursday
After watching The Screen Savers, I realized how little I know about computers.
by Rob Sessler December 18, 2003
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An office phenomenon in which a colleague, tired from boredom, sleep deprivation, or partying, is fighting the urge to fall asleep in a multi hour review meeting. The eyes shut for brief seconds and then half open as the victim is hanging on to the last thread of alertness.
After hour two of the weekly operations review meeting, Ed was observed going into screen saver mode. His colleagues enjoyed watching his battle with consciousness.
by schlem November 10, 2009
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the best show techtv had going for them until faggots at g4 took over. They have taken out the entire original cast and replaced them with complete posers who dont even know technology. But thats ok the now 99% of the show isnt even about technology anymore.
Unless your some faggot fanboy yo would know g4 sux.
by uncle sam December 11, 2004
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