A magazine company who also sell expensive clothing, meant to be worn by only the gnarliest of skaters however it is mostly worn
by posers trying to look cool
That guy is such a poser, he wears thrasher and can't even ollie
by Superkai69 June 16, 2017
A name used for a really good skater in the 1980s.
Ex. Tony: Stacy, you're a total thrasher!
Stacy Parelta: Dude you're pretty gnarly too!
Stacy Parelta is a total Thrasher.
by Gnarly Jax of OFWGKTA January 4, 2015
A thrasher is anyone who lives and breathes thrash music. This might also be
(or at least should be) a metalhead.Though the thrasher is technically a metal head the thrasher will only listen to thrash metal and rarely go outside this genre. And if they do go outside they are bound to go back in to the genre in less than a few hours. The thrasher attire is farely simple and does not require any real money(except for the jacket which will be spoken about later) The tharsher look is to basically wear anything you have and not give a fuck what anyone says. This usually consists of old white high tops some tight jeans a band shirt(of any color) and the jean jacket. Now if said thrasher does not own any thrash band shirts then this person most likely has a jean jacket with his favorite metal bands on it. Since the jacket goes more into detail aboout what the thrasher likes the more it is taken around and the less likely it is to be washed. Thashers could care less about what anyone else thinks. The music that pisses the thrasher off most(and this is true for some metalheads) is ska Look it up it wont be defined here. The true thrasher goes to every gig he cans and as a result learns to be a pretty tough bitch considering hes been in more than 10 fights for no utter reason. Thrashers are great allies and you wont want to have any of them as enemies. Youll get fucked up....bad. Especially if you talk about there music. Thrash is all mighty to them. Thrashers are often found in other groups with other thrashers at night most likely going to a gig.
Kid 1 man that kid wears the same thing everyday!!
Kid 2 well if you look at him hard enough youll notice he changes shirts everyday...pants on occasion

New scenario
Kid 1: Man i LOVE The Killers they are SOOO great!
Random thasher kid: Goes to the kid and sicks the shit outta him..twice

New scenario
Dave:Damn what happened to Eicks face!
Patrick: He said that ska was the dumbest thing to ever exist on the face of the earth...in fornt of a bunch of skankers

New Scenario
Some kid: So our assignment for class is to see what kind of music that other people in the class like so i guess Ill start with you
Thrasher Kid: Oh man I love thrash metal! And Ive seen Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, and Metallica in concert. But metallica is starting to suck though but their new shit is good. I kinda listen to Iron maiden too because in a way they kinda kinda kinda started the...

Some kid:(Yeah this kid is gone already)
by Patrick Anthony Taylor February 14, 2009
A fan of heavy metal music, specifically thrash metal, crossover thrash and sometimes thrashcore and hardcore punk. The modern "dress code for thrashers often includes, long hair, flipped-bill hats (a style borrowed from early 80s hardcore punk, specifically Suicidal Tendencies), a "Kutte" or "Battle Jacket" (a denim jacket or vest covered with band patches), and sometimes ammunition belts. Modern thrashers are often characterized by their love of classic thrash metal bands like Slayer or Exodus, as well as modern thrash metal like Municipal Waste and Warbringer, as well as their carefree "party dude" ethic in addition to the stereotype that they are excessive drinkers and music elitists.
The thrashers gathered in large numbers at the venue to see Warbringer perform.
by Heavy Metal Chad January 1, 2021
A clothing brand that used to be worn by skaters but now is just a cash-grab for pre-teens that want to flex
"Look at Tristan, he's wearing a Thrasher shirt, but doesn't even own a skateboard"

"The definition of trying to be cool"
by ImFreddyFazbearYT October 10, 2020
A song created by the thrash metal band Evile. The lyrics refer to the sensation of being in a moshpit.
Did you see Evile play last night? Thrasher was absolutely brilliant.
by Firestarter001 July 19, 2008
A skateboard company that makes magazine's that skater's read and they wear thrasher clothing but a lot of bad skater's and people who don't skate wear it
You see that guy he's wearing thrasher and can't even ollie
by liltle person February 28, 2020