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A 2 day holiday beginning on Thanksgiving Eve, in which people return to their hometowns, and are subsequently driven to drink by family-overload and proceed to flock to local bars. Once at these bars, it becomes a reunion of sorts, and the combination of alcohol and nostalgia prompts Skanksgiving hook-ups.
I'm going home for turkey day, hopefully I'll run into every guy I never made out with in high school, and will have a joyous Skanksgiving.
by attr November 23, 2011
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A concert at the Starland ballroom that happens near Thanksgiving holiday, usually every year, with mostly ska bands and skanking
Man, Skanksgiving was so much fun last year, there was so much skanking!
by baseplayer21 August 15, 2008
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A tour presented by Ska Is Dead where popular ska bands play.
"Dude, I'm going to Skanksgiving!"
"Who will be there?"
"The Toasters, Mustard Plug, and other awesome bands!"
by Skanksgiver September 25, 2008
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The night before thanksgiving, when all of the people go out to drink and the skanks come out.
Want to go out for thanksgiving eve? ...Don't you mean SKANKSGIVING.
by tee jones October 23, 2010
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A special holiday day for Chavs much like Chavmas.
Chavs gather together at a table in the local McDonalds and give thanks before eating their BigMacs and Chicken McNuggets.
by Spiffy The Chav Slayer December 15, 2005
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Is when you're single ASF during Thanksgiving and you spend the whole day with cheap or free cunt Skanks!
Jimmy has been single for nearly 10 years now and used to date his mum and spend thanksgiving with his whore mother. She died and now Jimmy spends his thanksgiving with his moms friends, who are also cheap skanks! It is now known as Skanksgiving, a day spent with unknown road side whores, for free!
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by pops_sa November 29, 2017
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