A food product McDonald's tries to pass off as "100% White Chicken Meat", but in fact should be thought of as "100% Chicken" This is because the process of making a McNugget is as follows:
McDonald's first finds themselves a live chicken.
They then crush said chicken until all of the parts of the chicken mix completely to form one consistent substance closely resembling rubber.
After this is done, McDonald's forms this substance into a nugget shape and deep fries it; thus giving the world Chicken McNuggets.

So, as shown above, the term, "100% Chicken" is fitting; since Chicken McNuggets are in fact composed of 100% Chicken--feathers and everything.
Chicken McNuggets are responsible for 75% of the worlds fat people.
by Somewhiteguy1994 April 27, 2009
It is the meaning of chee bye but in a formal way of addressing it.You can use it anywhere you want without anyone noticing that it is a bad word.
by ChickenBabes November 3, 2010
an overweight person, someone who's had one too many happy meals
Person 1: "Look at that cow. She must weigh over 300 pounds!"
Person 2: " Yeah, she's a real chicken mcnugget slut!"
by Dreidle April 13, 2009
-fifty chicken nuggets available at most Mcdonalds worldwide.
-comes in a giant reusable bucket
-great for sharing
-$20.00 plus tax
After doing chores, Tom and his brother took their $20.00 earnings to McDonalds where they ordered a 50 piece chicken mcnuggets.
by Tara M M M May 7, 2008