SK - Short hand for 'Soggy Knicks'. A Word used to describe the result of female arousal by someone whom they find attractive.
Oh my god, he's so hot. I just got SK.
by BatteryOperated November 06, 2012
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Abbreviation for “Shitty Kid.” That annoying ass kid in high school wearing DC’s who smokes cigarettes, cheats on tests and tries to steal your girlfriend/boyfriend, all around douche.

Term originated from Salem, OR.
“David? Oh yeah I know him he went to South. What an SK! I couldn’t believe he even graduated.”
by WonderWharf99 August 09, 2018
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cate: oh my god lisa that dress makes you look so fat
lisa: what??? :(
cate: sk! sk!
by iwasatypo April 17, 2011
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known to be as the stOOp kidSz
famous leaders as
Snuffa,SodAman,sNOOksz,DiN0B,& Pacman

has many members, but few and exclusive are choosen

mainly seen around the BRONX
they chill, do graffiti on stoops.
DAMN, yesterday i saw the S.K.(stoop kids) chillen at my stoop and damn they did look exclusive!
by stevenxXx August 19, 2008
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This was originally sourced from one of the best groups of Counter-Strike players - their team's name was 'SK'. The name progressed into becoming an insult against gamers.

Eventually, it came to mean 'sh*t kunt' and can be used as an insult in many situations.
1) 1337 Gamer: U suk, u SK!

2) (Person falls over) Bully: Look at him, he's such an SK!
by Rock DJ December 07, 2004
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