Ammunition for small arms, particularly chambered in rifles: most notably rifles of the AK platform/family, which most wannabe revolutionaries who play victim of our day want banned, because it's always an inanimate object's fault!. 7.62x39 ammunition achieved the nickname of "7.62 Soviet," because it originated in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Though the gun, and ammunition itself isn't the problem: somebody has to pick it up, and operate it. That said, it can be used by Commies to get rid of those who disagree with them, freedom fighters(insurgents, revolutionaries, whatever you wanna call them for your own interests, especially for the media who BS a lot) who resist what they see as 'oppression,' terrorists who perpetrate violence for their dumb beliefs(Jihad, or whatever the f*** they murder, and/or kill for), and/or anybody who has a Rifle that chambers 7.62x39.
The man shoved 7.62x39 rounds down his magazine, before flipping the safety off, and loading his AK-47, aligning the magazine into the receiver of his rifle, before pulling it's bolt back, and firing down-range, as bullets hammered his targets.
by GuyWho'sAnAmerican June 11, 2019
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The round that is unique to the wordAK-47/word.
I loaded 40 7.62X39 rounds into a target.
by Cpt.Bob October 22, 2003
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