SK, abbriviation for Schroet Kommando. Team of competetive gamers that play Counter-Strike, WarCraft3, Painkiller. They attend the CPL every year hoping to win but only to be owned by 3D.
<SK>: yay winter CPL 04'!
<3D>: hi guys
* SK Quit: Owned too many times.
by eFRon December 01, 2004
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SK is a acronym for Shitty Kids. Shitty Kids are kids who try hard in video games but just generally fail. A true clan of SK's have a jew, a black man, and an ginger. SK's are also known as Slacking Kills because Shitty Kids always slack kills.
Yo you see that camper over there?
Ya man, he must be in SK.
by A Good Kid October 22, 2010
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Random 1 - "oh my god look over there its those sk's robdogg and jeffa paro as fuck, listening to jeezy and mos beats at the plaza cakkin at goons!"
Random 2- "fuck, dont look right in there eyes"
Random 1- "yeah theres no tellin what they will do"
Random 2- "they dont call em sik kunts for nothin"
by deezus num 1 July 26, 2008
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SK is an abbreviation, which stands for Script Kiddie, the infamous group of hacker wannabes and the like that have to use real hackers' discoveries and knowledge to affect a system/network/website etc. rather than use their own.
The SKs used what <hacker> had discovered, and took the network down.

Damnit! Some stupid SK's got a DoS attack tool and DoS-ed my site!
by EDY-innit May 20, 2005
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A person who thinks there sick mainly from Australia listen to Sydney yungins or hp boys or some of that aussie drill shit like to wear bum bags tns and think they’re the shit, you find these people in your local trainstation vaping or necking on with girls half the age of them . 20 years later you find these people sniffing shit or going to prison for being a ped
Eshay lahd“What a sk”
Other eshay lahd- “Oi bah cmon let’s follow this chicks around town”
by Ksileftnut March 10, 2021
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