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Suck It Till Ur Sick, derived from the term(s) Blowjob, Giving head, etc.

A derogatory term which results in someone telling another individual to Suck on Him/Her until the aforementioned becomes sick from so much sucking.
Hey Mary, come over here and situs.

The Leaf's keep getting scored on here tonight, they are playing awful. They can Situs.
by Durbin03 November 10, 2014
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Phrase meaning that a deceased cannot rest in peace until society changes due to the circumstances of a death.
People said rest in power for the unarmed man had been shot by the police.
by FooBarBiz October 12, 2017
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This word is short for situation and is used to describe an awkward, uncomfortable or intense moment.
"That guy was dancing awfully close to you - were you having a bit of a situ?"


"Stop it, you're embarrassing me, I'm having a situ here!"
by Feltch McFlop March 27, 2009
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'Situ' is the way annoying and irritating people describe their day or circumstances - situation - to other people. They lose people as soon as they say 'situ' or people forget what they said after they end their speech with 'situ'
"Had a situ today at work. My boss was on at all me all day for being 5 minutes late and then the printer stopped working and I got the blame."
"Couldn't believe my luck. I was minding my own business and this guy came up to me and asked to use my mobile phone and I had left it in my truck. I said sorry but then he collapsed and died. What a situ."
"Wanna hear about a situ? I lost my bus pass and had to walk all the way home. Took me 40 minutes and it was raining too. What an amazingly fucked up situ"
by Choiceless January 18, 2020
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