Simpers are the people who are falling instantly in love with people they don't know but find very attractive.
Michael: Oh dude look, there are some very nice girls

Paolo: Damn yes

Michael: We are such Simpers
by squishy _octopus November 19, 2020
When a bunch of people are “simping” on something or someone.
God, those people are such simpers
by AxrieJbtw July 29, 2020
A family name given to a man with a heart of gold. This name is used as the last name for someone who's a handyman, who loves the rush of a challenge, and who loves being with others. You might find Mr. Simpers constructing a squat rack out of nothing but wood, piecing together a potato cannon, or building a dog shed. Simpers will also partake in a large assortment of drinking; they have a tendency to enjoy fine whiskeys. He will enjoy the water; whether gazing over it, fishing while the sun rises, or rowing with his friends. Although extremely intelligent, Simpers will reject the idea of a "normalized education", advocating instead for a trade school or military service. He will be your best friend for life, and will always be there for you.
"You should always remind a Simpers to not release gas while cuddling with a date"
by Erginator6969 May 11, 2020
What happens when juices are on a pan. The juice often simpers.
"I cooked roast beef whole body was filled with the juices gentle simpering."
"don't you mean simmering"
by alt-Shiga February 5, 2022
a person who is a mega simp does anything for e-girls and his mom
damn milo little is such a fucking simper
by ted is gay fhs xoxoxo March 16, 2020
a mega simp who does anything for e girls and his mom
damn ted oneil is such a fucking simper
by bob john 55 March 18, 2020
Verb - To tinker. To alter slightly in a manner to improve
I have Simpered with my Fantasy Football team
by Tony Swain September 28, 2006